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Debbie Hazelbaker RDMS.  Ultrasonographer/Owner

I’m a highly compassionate ultrasonographer with  over 21 years of experience and you’ll receive superior service in a pleasant comfortable environment. You’ll know who your Ultrasonographer is and that makes a difference when it comes to quality images.

I specialize in OB/GYN, 1st trimester bleeding, cervical length, infertility ultrasounds, 1st trimester screening ultrasound with Labs, gender determination as early as 11 weeks.  (includes free re-check at 16 weeks to reconfirm gender). Stat results within an hour. I also perform 3D/4D  ultrasounds with CD, big screen monitor, heartbeat teddy bear


Call:  907-538-4139

Now 2 locations.  Anchorage and Palmer


9061 E Frontage Rd. Suite 203

Palmer, AK 99645



4050 Lake Otis Pkwy Suite 101

Anchorage, AK 99508


Anchorage location now Open evening and weekends by appointment.

STAT-Emergencies.  reports within 1 Hour.

u7Dr. Ron Mark.  Radiologist

Dr. Ron Mark has a vast educational background, beginning with a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, where he received extensive training in hardware and software aspects to medicine and served as both vice president and president of his classes. Dr. Mark later trained at Columbia University to become a board certified family physician, obtaining a strong clinical background. He further trained in radiology at Yale University, where he also became board certified, served as chief resident, was intern of the year and received the Longstreth award for humanness. Dr. Mark completed a subspecialty in MRI at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. He has guest lectured at both alma matters Columbia University and Stony Brook, as well as to the Podiatric Society of Long Island and the Nurse Practitioners Society of New York.
Dr. Mark has years of experience as a radiologist, plus extensive business building experience including raising millions in capital, negotiating, planning and facilitating construction and equipment purchases, facilitating relationships with hospitals and helping to grow some of the New York area’s largest radiology practices such as Glen Cove Radiology and BAB Radiology on Long Island.
Currently, Dr. Mark is co-owner of Advanced Medical Imaging P.C., a company which serves to provide highest quality radiology interpretation in the United States utilizing state-of-the-art software technology.

ladyUltracare Diagnostic Imaging is family owned and operated and we’ll make sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.The ultrasound equipment is the latest GE  technology available in Alaska. Debbie Hazelbaker, who performs all diagnostic exams is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with over 21 years of experience, which makes the difference in obtaining quality ultrasound images.



Open evenings, nights, and weekend by appointment sowaitingroom (2)

don’t sit in the ER waiting room for hours.

Get your doctor to refer you to Ultracare Diagnostic Imaging.


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