Ultracare 4D Baby Imaging Anchorage Alaska

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Ultracare 4D Baby Imaging

Videos of your baby Moving

Gender determination as early as 15 weeks.

Anchorage Alaska's premiere 3D/4D Baby Imaging  

Create a memory that will last forever with a 3D/4D ultrasound procedure, performed in a beautiful setting by an experienced professional. My name is Debbie Hazelbaker and I'll be your ultrasonographer who will perform your 3d ultrasound. I use the Voluson i, GE ultrasound system - the latest in cutting edge technology. I'll make sure that I meet and exceed your expectations. Not all 4d ultrasound centers are the same. You need to know how much experience the ultrasonographer has and are they using the latest technology. I am a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with over 17 years of experience and I will be performing your baby sonograms. That means that you'll receive the best quality images possible by an experienced ultrasonographer. Please schedule your appointment today and have your scan performed, with your family and friends by your side. Prenatal memories are my specialty and passion. Contact Debbie via e-mail at debbiehazelbaker@gmail.com

Call: 907-538-4139

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